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The potential entrepreneurs, who wish to set up a company, there is an opportunity to do so in a dual way. Initially, the traditional way, and further, electronically. The purpose of this is to simplify the procedure and the attribution of more responsibilities to the One-Stop-Shop. Further facilitation includes the activation of an online One-Stop-Shop (e-OSS), that allows them to monitor the movements and pay 70% fewer incorporation fees.


For this reason, the Joint Ministerial Decision is in the process of being signed, whereby the following are defined by the Law:

  1. Services of the General Commercial Registry (ΓΕΜΗ),
  2. Online Services of the e-OSS and
  3. the Certified Notaries.

The criteria for someone to choose which OSS to use, depending on the legal form of the company that will be incorporated, but also the Articles of Incorporation, as well as other incorporation documents that will be used.


The options of using depend on the following cases:


Certified Notary and not an e-OSS is chosen in cases where:

  1. a) for the incorporation of an S.A. and LLC, the Standard Articles of Incorporation are not chosen, while for P.C. and private companies, either the General Commercial Property or a certified Notary can be chosen, moreover,

c)when special provisions require a Notary


By way of exception, cases where the Standard Articles of Incorporation, and the incorporation can be performed at any of the three categories of a One-Stop-Shop.


The possibility of establishing a company other than through an e-OSS is as follows:

Initially, the interested entrepreneur appears before any OSS they wish and brings all the required documents. Further to that, an order is given to the OSS to act on his behalf and that is how the procedure of company incorporation will commence. On the same day or the following day, once the company has been incorporated, the competent OSS checks the legality and completeness. Once the necessary processes and registrations have been completed, the General Commercial Registry issues a number and the Registration Number Code of the incorporation. Furthermore, an e-folder is created, that contains all the documents and applications. For the issuance of the Tax Identification Number (TIN) and registration of the company in the Tax Registry, there is a possibility of access to the taxisnet system, for the issuance of the temporary electronic code, that will become permanent once the final incorporation notice is issued. At the same time, upon the completion of the incorporation procedure, the Unified Social Insurance Institution is informed of the incorporation, where the insurability of natural persons is established, and they are informed of their obligations.


Incorporation through the e-OSS

Online company incorporation is only done for companies with standard Articles of Incorporation. The company incorporation is done electronically through the General Commercial Registry. Potential entrepreneurs grant the use of the online platform to either a third party or one of them. Once all the necessary information and documents are submitted and there has been no obstacle after the first check of the company name, and the remaining documents, these are verified, and the standard Articles of Incorporation is signed. It should be noted, that if there are many founders, the procedure is completed once all are verified. Otherwise, where the company name corresponds to one that has already been registered at the General Commercial Registry, the application is stopped or the procedure of incorporating a company online continues with another company name. The cost of the incorporation is paid, in the end, electronically by all the founders of the company and so the e-OSS system:

  1. Gives the General Commercial Registry Number and the Registration Number Code
  2. Access code to the General Commercial Registry website
  3. Creates an online folder and file in the General Commercial Registry
  4. Access to taxisnet
  5. Provides proof of payment of the Single Cost Fee for the Company Incorporation and the fee of the Competition Commission, where it is deemed necessary
  6. Registration at the Chamber
  7. Unified Social Insurance Institution notification
  8. Issuance of the temporary access code


The company incorporation includes the Single Cost Fee for the Company Incorporation and the fee of the Competition Commission. If the interested party chooses to use the e-OSS service, then the cost of incorporation is 30% of the foreseen and the cost of 3 euros per founder out of ten is not included in the cost of incorporation through the e-OSS.






Simplification of the company incorporation procedure
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