Why do you need a bank account in Greece?

Although a Greek bank account isn’t required for the procedure of property acquisition, however it is suggested for the convenience of the Client either during the sales contract procedure or for collecting any kind of income (rents) in Greece. The physical presence of the applicant is required for opening a bank account, as the bank takes a sample of the applicant’s signature and they sign the contract for opening a bank account themselves.

The following documents are required for opening a bank account in Greece:

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Proof of permanent residence

An internal passport is used, where applicable, if it states the permanent address of the applicant. The bank requires the first page of the passport with the personal information and the page which states the permanent address of the applicant. If an equivalent document is not available, any other official document can be used – driving license, residence certificate, etc. – which states the permanent address of the applicant.


Proof of employment

This document should provide information such as – the address of the company, the position held by the applicant, as well as their monthly salary. The level of the stated salary is not important, as long as the specific amount is stated.


Proof of phone number abroad

A document such us a phone bill issued in the name of the Client or certificate issued by telecommunication company that proves the applicant is a holder of declared phone number. 


Tax clearance certificate

Or an equivalent document (bank statement) that is provided in the applicant’s country of residence, clearly stating the amount of taxes that have been paid in the applicant’s country.  The tax clearance should have been issued during last year before the application.  


Tax Identification Number abroad

A document proving the Client’s Tax Identification Number in his country. 


Greek Phone Number

Issued in Greece, via Power of Attorney and is necessary to have access to internet banking.


Tax Identification Number in Greece

A document proving the Client’s Tax Identification Number in Greece. 


Kindly note

After opening a bank account, the clients, if they wish so, may sign a Power of Attorney, under which they authorize a third party to manage the account on their behalf. All above mentioned documents are being translated in Greek by our Company and don’t have to bear Apostille stamp.