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The above categories of residence permits are addressed to citizens who wish to reside in Greece and travel within the Schengen zone, without the right to work. The role of the Managing Director, shareholder, member of the Board of Directors is not considered as work.

Вид на жительство в Греции
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Documents required for the issuance of a residence permit for financially independent individuals:

  • Type D visa to enter Greece. For the issuance of type D visa the following are required: 
  1. Passport
  2. Health certificate with Apostille stamp
  3. Copy of criminal record with Apostille stamp
  4. Public Document proving that the interested individual has an income of more than two thousand euro (2,000.00 €) per month with an increase of 20% of the amount for the spouse and 15% for each minor child
  5. Property purchase or lease contract

After entering Greece with a type D visa the following are required:

  • Application form
  • Two (2) recent colored photographs in hard copy, that present the same technical specifications with the passports, as well as in digital form stored in a CD in JPEG graphics format
  • Certified copy of a valid passport or travel document
  • Administrative fee in the form of the electronic administrative fee, according to the provisions of the article 132 of the Law 4251/2014, wherever it is required
  • Insurance contract of a private insurance company, wherever this is allowed by the current legislation
  • Sufficient evidence that the interested individual possesses adequate livelihoods, in terms of a steady annual income, which amount is determined by joint Ministerial Regulation
  • Property purchase or lease contract

Duration: two years

Renewal: every two years

Obligatory residence of six (6) months per year in Greece

Documents required for the issuance of a residence permit for real estate investors:

  • Passport with a valid entry visa to any country in the Schengen zone
  • Property purchase contract for one or more real estates on Greece, priced in total 250.000 € euro and proof of transfer of the contract from the competent Land Registry


  • Copy of notarial document of lease regarding hotel establishments
  • Proof of transfer of the competent Land Registry to which the relevant lease agreement has been transferred


  • Contract for the purchase of a land plot and a contract for the construction/renovation of a house submitted to the Tax Authority
  • Building permit under the name of the interested individual
  • Contractor’s invoices along with the relevant receipts 


  • Leasing agreement of, at least, ten year duration 
  • Certificate of conveyance by the competent Land Registry
  • Certification by the Greek Organization of Tourism that has cognizance of the particular leasing agreement
  • State Fee
  • Photos

No limitation for maintaining bank account in Greece

Duration: five years

No obligation for residing in Greece

Advantages of Golden Visa holders

Individuals who receive a Residence permit in Greece with the Golden Visa program, can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free entrance and stay in Greek State. A minimum stay in Greece is not required. The Client with his family have the right to stay in Greece from 0 to 365 days/per year. 
  • Free travel and stay to other Schengen countries up to 90 days per 6 months. 
  • Although the Golden Visa doesn’t provide any right on the work market, the investor still has the right to be a shareholder to a company or incorporate his own company in Greece.  
  • Free access to the Greek national/private educational system for children of the investor 
  • The investor has any right to rent or sublease his properties and collect income 
  • The investor can buy a car with Greek templates and acquire Greek driving license 
  • The investor and his family members have the right to obtain the Greek Citizenship after they are able to prove at least 7 years physical residency in Greece and having succeed in written exams concerning Greek history, geography, politics, culture and Greek language. 

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