You are viewing post Joint Ministerial Decision regarding the suspension of Greek courts until 27/03/2020

Following a joint decision by the Ministers of Health and justice, a temporary suspension has been implicated starting from Friday, 13th of March until 27th of March 2020, regarding the operation of all courts (Administrative, Civil, Criminal and Military), all prosecutor offices of the country as well as the auction procedures, due to public health reasons and towards the avoidance of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

More specifically, a temporary suspension for this specific time period is imposed on public court sessions of the Council of State (ΣτΕ) and all the regular Administrative courts of the country.

In addition, for the same time period, a suspension is implicated in the operation of the Civil Courts, Criminal Courts and Prosecutor’s offices of the country, as follows:

  1. The court sessions before the civil and criminal courts
  2. The legal and judicial deadlines for the procedural acts and other actions before the court authorities and services, as well as the statute of limitation for the relevant claims and
  3. The enforcement proceedings and the auction procedures

An exception has been established regarding the measures of temporary judicial protection and the publication of judicial decisions.

Last but not least, regarding the personnel that is currently working in the courts, the prosecutor offices, and the relevant services, the provisions of article 5 of the Legislative Act, dated 11.03.2020, are implicated, regarding the urgent measures against the negative consequences of the appearance and spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Joint Ministerial Decision regarding the suspension of Greek courts until 27/03/2020
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