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The tender procedure of land registration of the remaining areas of the country is now finalizing the start of the execution of the last part of the project, which must be completed by 2020, along with the ratification of forest maps. According to the Kathimerini newspaper, the key points of the land registration procedure of new areas, are as follows:
Regarding the start of the land registration procedure for the remaining 60% of the country, should there be no appeals towards the results of the competition, the agreements will be signed in May 2017, otherwise, during the autumn, while citizens are expected to submit all the declarations at the Land Registry offices early in 2018.

– The declaration can be submitted to the Land Registry by any natural person or a legal entity that has any form of a proprietary right, full or bare ownership, usufruct, servitude, “prospective entitlement”, parking spot, certificate of building coefficient transfer, etc.

– The declarations can be submitted in person or online at a Land Registry Office, within three months, from the reported start of declarations submission for the residents of Greece and 6 months for residents abroad.

– To submit the declaration, the interested party is required to declare their own right with simple photocopies, without verification, of the acts that prove these rights. Moreover, it is recommended to simultaneously submit the registration/transfer of ownership rights at the Land Registry. The submission of topographic documents is not required, only in cases where these documents are mentioned or have been attached to the agreement. Despite all this, it is recommended, for safety reasons, to provide topographic plans, especially for real estate properties located outside urban areas.

– For the areas, where there is a forest map, the State will declare the real estate according to the map. Should any disputes arise over a property, the citizen is required to submit required documents (e.g. concession of ownership rights) to the State that proves their ownership rights.

– The cadastral fee can be paid at the time of the submission of the declaration (payment by debit or credit card), or at a later stage in a bank, once the “temporary declaration registration” document has been issued. However, if the fee is not paid immediately, the citizen will not have the possibility of being issued the confirmation of declaration submission.

– In case a declaration is not submitted at the Land Registry, the property is filed under “unknown owner” and when, after a couple of years, the records will be finalized, the ownership right will be transferred to the State.

– In case of incorrect registration, a procedure for correcting the records is foreseen. For simple cases, for example, typing errors, an application can be submitted. In case of disputes, there is a review procedure, followed by legal proceedings.

– If a real estate property is sold during the implementation of the procedure of land registration, the change of ownership rights has to be declared in the Land Registry.

The procedure of registering new areas in the Land Registry
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