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Starting from 22nd July 2018, any Greek citizen or citizen of Europe can establish a single-member company through the Online One-Strop Service (e-OSS) in only 13 minutes. The cost of this service is zero for the first year, while afterward, it is 70% less in comparison with the cost of establishing a service of a One-Stop.

 Starting from 22nd July 2018, the operation of the platform for the establishment of a single-member Private Company will commence, aiming that by the end of the year the platform will be fully operational for all personal companies and by the end of the first half of 2019 for all capital companies.  

The procedure of establishment is simple. No document needs to be submitted, with the possibility of retaining the entered data for the first quarter of the year. The three-month duration is intended to complete the outstanding matters of the founders, otherwise, the information is automatically deleted. The entry into the platform is done from the General Commercial Registry, upon which someone is authenticated as a representative of the company, who fills out all the details by creating at the same time a digital folder for the company and the forwarding of all the electronic data to the Social Insurance Organization and the TAXIS system, as well as the issuance of the payment of the establishment cost.


Finally, by using the new platform, the procedure of establishing companies is facilitated and fastened, with the ultimate purpose of creating a more agreeable business environment

Thus, a law-making committee has been set up, in order to transform companies, in order to create clear procedures and eliminate barriers that exist today in corporate law.



Establishment of a single-member Private Company in 13 minutes
Private Company in 13 minutes
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