Greece, is not only one of the most popular destinations, because of her rare beauty and her magnificent climate, but also a secure and really promising destination for investments.

Every year we observe more and more increase of investors in our country, especially at the field of real estates. Citizens, whether they come from European countries or not, they pursue   to buy real estate fortune. Many of them choose to buy one or more properties, which are valued more than 250.000€, in order to obtain permit of residence for investors in Greek territory. The Greek law provides the privilege to corporations to buy the real estate property, under the condition that shares of corporation belong completely to the applicant for permit of residence.

Moreover, it is really important to remark that the value of 250.000€ includes every kind of real estate acquisition, such us:  real estate purchase, time-sharing rental for minimum a ten-year period or even rental of hotel accommodations or tourist residence for minimum a ten-year period too.

But in which way can someone enter at Greek territory?

The Schengen entry visa (type C) allows its owner to remain not only at Greek terrain but also at every Schengen entry visa Country for 90 days

The national visa (type D) endures 365 days. Its owner is enabled to remain at Greece for all this period and travel from and at Greek territory without restrictions

According to the conditions of these two different types of entry visa, it is really important to highlight that they are different. At Schengen entry visa (type C), the conditions are alike to the tourist visa entry general ones. The national visa type D requires one more specific reason for the petitioner to apply for entry visa

But no matter what, the application for permit of residence has to be submitted before the expiration of entry visa, the applicant submits the application for permit of residence via a person who has a power of attorney.

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